57 Years Of Family Business

Build X has been a family oriented business for over 57 years which was originally started in 1962 with its main focus being in Residential and Commercial Development.

The History

Build X Construction Group is a Sydney based Construction Company specialising in High End residential projects with our aim to achieve a unique and innovative product.

Our knowledge and expertise of residential construction has been developed over three generations of builders in Sydney since 1962 and has now led to an extension of our business called Build X in 2014.

Build X new generational team offers clients extensive background in construction, delivering exceptional workmanship, attention to detail and professional customer experience without compromising our clients goals. With a combination of love in Architecture & Sydney’s vibrant lifestyle, our passion for design means we are consistently looking for new ways to innovate.

The Professional
Patrick El Khouri
John Di Genua
George El Khouri
Senior Advisor
Chelsea Monica
Head of Property Maintenance