Luxury Bathroom Renovations in Sydney’s North Shore

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What They Say About us

Create an opulent tranquil feeling with a luxury bathroom renovation by the leading renovators in the North Shore.

Living in Sydney’s North Shore, you are no doubt used to understatedly elegant surrounds. But in your own bathroom, you deserve something more special still.

Build X far outclasses other luxury bathroom renovations with high attention to detail, remarkable workmanship, modern designs, and a transparent service.

We’re dedicated to planning, tiling, installing, repairing, plumbing and crafting, for a bathroom of superior quality.

So you can lay back and soak in surroundings so picturesque, they might of well come fresh off the magazine press.

Why you might be looking for a luxury bathroom renovation

  • The design is outdated

  • Your bathroom looks dull or tired looking

  • Your craving some more stylish finishes like bamboo, timber, marble or terrazzo

  • You want a bigger sink and vanity area

  • Features are falling into disrepair

  • Your bathroom is not properly waterproofed

  • You need better ventilation

  • Make your bathroom more hygienic

A Luxury Bathroom Renovation that caters to you

Big or small, we’ve got a service for you – We have a range of packages to realise your unique vision for your elegant and soothing bathroom. We can handle all services relating to the bathroom from walls, floors and tiling to repairs and plumbing.

Timeless modern designs – With our own in-house architects and interior designers, we have created a wide portfolio of beautiful designs. Our design team are talented and capable, so they are always looking for challenges and eager to create something remarkable and new.

Inventive and versatile solutions – Our knowledgeable experts help us realise the vision our clients have for their home and bathrooms. We identify early the factors that might stand as issues or challenges, and we work to address them or work around them to get what our clients want out of the renovation.

Beautiful workmanship – Licensed, experienced and trained, all our builders are well capable of any job they put their hands on. Build X has decided to hire them, based off the superior quality of their work, boasting of proper procedure and attention to even the most miniscule details.

Wide expertise, deep experience – There is a wide range of knowledge in our management, and across our crew. Additionally, Build X can boast of 57 years of experience in the construction industry. For that reason, you can rest assured that we will bring any project you give us to full and beautiful fruition.

An enjoyable and convenient renovation experience – Your experience matters. That’s why we have hired our own customer service team to handle your scheduling needs and questions. We also hold an emergency service line to answer you informatively and promptly.

Don’t wait, build now!

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