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Providing the full scope of repair services across residential spaces
Transforming homes through innovative designs and quality finishes
Offering efficient and reliable solutions through a seamless experience
Certified specialists assisting with electrical services in compliance with Quality Standards
Working with Property Managers & Real Estate professionals across residential and commercial projects
Assisting Sales Agents and Owners with home improvements of newly-listed properties
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  • Quality Tradesmen

    Our team is licensed and trained, ensuring we uphold our customer service quality standards.

  • Emergency Service

    We offer prompt, efficient responses to urgent matters on a daily basis.
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  • Transparent Pricing

    We uphold our promise to be open, honest and communicate all the essential information to our clients, upfront.

  • Dedicated Team

    With a dedicated customer service & scheduling team, we ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

What They Say About us

Build X are renowned and reliable luxury home builders in North Sydney.

Right in the heart of the hustle and bustle of the city, North Sydney is home to many young professionals. The metropolitan area offers a great work life balance, with a large array of businesses, shops, eateries and services just a few minutes’ walk or commute away.

North Sydney’s streets are also well lit, and the apartment living lifestyle usually offers great security through the front door and car parks. It makes a great place to live, but it can be even better with an expert’s touch.

Why not pair your incredible location with an equally fresh and stylish finish?

A sophisticated luxurious home provides a great benefit to your relaxation and overall mental health after the end of each workday.

Whether you live in North Sydney or have an investment property there, keep the placed updated and in vogue to increase its value. Hire Build X’s team of Luxury Home Builders for the job.

Utilise Build X Builders for your Luxury Home

Create the home of your dreams with our luxury home builders. If you can imagine it, we have the team to realise it.

  • Innovative Design – We employ in-house architects and interior designers to create original and creative designs for your home. Avail our design expertise for bespoke solutions for the ideal use of space, light and placing in your home, for maximum comfort and enjoyment.

  • Unique Solutions – When problems or challenges present themselves as obstacles to the new features or finish that you desire, we don’t shrink back. Actually, we are rather keen to face them to help you attain something special.

  • High Quality Workmanship – Every builder that we employ has been properly trained and certified, with at least one year of experience. Furthermore, we make sure that every worker holds the Build X passion to deliver attention to detail and excellent results, for a finish that always delights.

  • Professional Customer Service – We have a separate customer service and scheduling team, who dedicate their time to keeping you informed of the process every step of the way and scheduling construction related matters. We have an emergency contact line when you need a fast-informative response to an urgent matter.

It’s never been a better time to build with HomeBuilder

For a limited time, the Australian Government is incentivizing residential home construction with $25k to go towards building a new home. This means that you can now opt for some extra features or high-quality materials that seemed a bit more out of the question previously. Alternatively, you can use it to save for other things like furniture, or your next holiday.

This is through the HomeBuilder scheme, a Government initiative to support the construction industry through the COVID-19 pandemic. The grant is also tax-free, but the contract must be signed before the end of this year. See if you qualify today.

How we’re adapting with coronavirus

All our workers are following all the COVID-19 safety recommendations from the Australian Government and Health Department, to keep you, your family and ourselves safe.

Start realising a sophisticated luxurious home today

We’re excited to work with you to achieve your dream home suite.

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