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Providing the full scope of repair services across residential spaces
Transforming homes through innovative designs and quality finishes
Offering efficient and reliable solutions through a seamless experience
Certified specialists assisting with electrical services in compliance with Quality Standards
Working with Property Managers & Real Estate professionals across residential and commercial projects
Assisting Sales Agents and Owners with home improvements of newly-listed properties
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  • Quality Tradesmen

    Our team is licensed and trained, ensuring we uphold our customer service quality standards.

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    We offer prompt, efficient responses to urgent matters on a daily basis.
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What They Say About us

Home Renovations has always been a popular choice for Eastern Suburbs denizens. With great restaurants, a rich arts and culture scene, stunning sandy beaches, and the proximity to the business district of the city - it is no surprise that residents don’t want to leave.

Our reputable team at Build X have the experience and expertise for reliably stunning form, function and design. Whether you are looking to make small or big changes, Build X is up to the task. With our in-house architects and interior designers, we can give your project tailored care from start to finish.

Why renovate?

There are many reasons why someone might choose to renovate. Home renovations can help you better enjoy the comfort of your home, with new and exciting uses of existing space. Our team can help you create stylish and comfortable additional lounging areas or reading nooks in your home. You may also consider a home renovation to update an outdated interior style or layout, for example open plans are rising in popularity as a solution for more space and easy entertaining.

Additionally, if you have an investment property in the Eastern Suburbs, elegant and modern interiors and features can help you get more on the selling price. Even some small changes can make a noticeable and livable different to add value.

Why Build X?

Build X is the best construction company you can partner with for your home renovations in the Eastern Suburbs.

When you partner with us, you get:

  • Ingenious Interior Designers – Our designers understand how a home helps facilitate your lifestyle and come up with great suggestions to help you live your best life. They can help you create a fresh modern or classic finish that works with other existing features in your house. Alternatively, we can work with you to create something unique you have in mind to set your home apart.

  • Efficient Builders – Licensed, local, trained and experienced. All our workers come with at least one-year experience and can boast of meticulous attention to detail for your lasting satisfaction.

  • Trusted Innovative Architects – Our architects help us create drastic changes in your house if you desire, whilst making sure that everything is structurally sound. They always consider practicality in their plans, for your comfort and ease of use.

  • Helpful Customer Service – A dedicated customer service and scheduling team will look after you through the process. Our emergency line will also give you a prompt response when you need it most.

Why now?

The Australian Government is giving homeowners $25k to renovate their house as a part of HomeBuilder. This is an initiative to stimulate residential construction during the economic decline of the COVID-19 pandemic. See if you qualify and help support construction workers.

We are also taking all precautions against coronavirus, recommended by the Australian Health Department for your safety and ours.

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With more than 55 years of experience to our name, we’re a trusted brand for residential construction with an impressive portfolio of our superior workmanship to show for it. Discover the difference when you sign on with us.

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