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Providing the full scope of repair services across residential spaces
Transforming homes through innovative designs and quality finishes
Offering efficient and reliable solutions through a seamless experience
Certified specialists assisting with electrical services in compliance with Quality Standards
Working with Property Managers & Real Estate professionals across residential and commercial projects
Assisting Sales Agents and Owners with home improvements of newly-listed properties
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What They Say About us

If there’s one thing that Sydneysiders love, it’s being close to nature. With the lush trees, hills and pristine blue coastal views, it’s no surprise that North Shore residents don’t like moving. Add to that, the long and difficult procedure to move, and an inflated market, and you can see how invaluable home renovations are.

Our home renovators at Build X love creating a stylish and enjoyable contemporary finish for the homes of all our clients, which they adore. Our stunning results have kept many clients coming back for more.

Why you might consider it time to renovate:

  • Outdated interiors – There is a lot of charm in vintage and antique styles, but it might not have been done with taste, isn’t for you, or maybe you outgrown it. We can help you identify the most effective solutions to give your home a fresh modern update.

  • Ill use of space – While you might have a nice plot of land, the space in your home could possibly be more efficient. We have the experience and expertise to help you design layouts that cater to your lifestyle and deliver them with keen attention to detail.

  • You want better materials – Maybe you just love the look that quality premium materials offer. Whether you want marble, natural stone, new tiles or different windows, our builders can give you the seamless finish you desire with such materials.

  • You want more amenities and features – You might want a new fireplace, pool, library section, pool table or a comfortable outdoor entertaining area. You need to implement them properly so that they work with the space around them.

  • Achieve that dream house feeling – You may have just moved into a new home and while there may be many aspects you love about it; others might be lacking. Alternatively, maybe you have just finished saving and want the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Sign on for the best Home Renovators in the North Shore

Whether you go for some small changes like new floors and paint, or completely new living areas, our accomplished team of experts will give you the greatest value for money.

  • Superior Design – Our in-house architects and interior designers enable us to deliver original, practical and innovative creations. We always take into account your desired aesthetic and lifestyle for renovations that give you the maximum pleasure, comfort and convenience out of your home.

  • Meticulous Builders – Trained, licensed and experienced, all of our builders are chosen for their passion for creating beautiful homes with their fine attention to detail.

  • In-depth Experience – We have a well of knowledge and expertise with our over 55 years of experience . Our expert consultants can help you unlock the secrets to getting the best value out of your home.

  • Invaluable Customer Service – We believe that your experience and comfort is important throughout the entire process so for that reason we have customer service professionals dedicated to your service. Our emergency line also allows us to give you a helpful reply quickly when you need it most.

Get started today!

Call 02 8521 7492 or email us on info@buildx.group and we can begin discussing how we can create your perfect home together. Also see if you qualify for HomeBuilder, for an extra $25,000 to go towards your home renovation.