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Cultured Home Renovations in Surry Hills

Whether you are a homeowner or investor in Surry Hills, you probably already know the great facets of Surry Hills; a strong arts and culture scene, fine coffee, wine and food, and great dog parks and bike lanes, and it’s all close to the heart of Sydney. Enjoy metropolitan life in style and give your house a fresh exciting update.

By availing a professional home renovation service, you can breathe new life into your home with a refreshing open plan layout, new amenity stations, and an overall different feel.

Whatever change you seek, big or small – Build X’s accomplished team delivers.

We have a strong team of licensed builders, skilled architects and ingenious interior designers to make sure that a proper job is achieved from start to end.

Why might you choose to renovate your home?

  • Location: You can love the suburb you’re in but not the building you reside in. By renovating your home, you can get the best of both worlds and maximise your house’s potential for comfort, entertaining and ease of use.

  • Outdated interiors: While some features of the past have remained timeless, others can clearly age up in your house in a way that’s less classy and more tacky. This is especially true when you’re looking to sell your house. Whether you want to create more sophistication in your interiors, or go for something more fresh and modern, or unique and quirky our design team are eager to deliver.

  • Change of lifestyle: When you or other people in your family have gotten older you might pick up new habits or hobbies, or maybe simply you need more organisation and space. An ingenious home renovation can help you make the most of your existing space and house features to work with your lifestyle and not against it.

  • Empty Nesters: Similar to a change of lifestyle, you may have rooms now that were previously bedrooms that you want to tailor being more suitable for other purposes.

  • New Amenities: Some important purchases that help liven up your home life or entertain your children or guests require some thoughtful implementation, so they don’t look out of place and forgotten about. They also might require instalment by a professional.

Why is Build X the best home renovator for the job?

  • Imaginative designs – Our in-house interior designers and architects empower us to create an array of modern, classic and timeless designs. Better yet, we can work with you to realise your unique vision in full.

  • Innovative solutions – When challenges or problems arise as an obstacle for the changes that you seek, we have the inventive architects and expert knowledge to help us work around this.

  • Excellent workmanship – All our workers are trained, licensed and local. With at least one year of experience.

  • Experience – We have over 55 years of experience in the industry so you can count on our hands and advice.

  • Customer service – We understand that you have a busy lifestyle. Our customer service and scheduling team will keep you well informed and updated. Our emergency service line also allows you to get a prompt response when you need it fast.

Take the plunge

Call us now on 02 8521 7492 or email us on Additionally, see if you qualify for HomeBuilder for an extra $25k to go towards your renovation.